Investing in Community-Based Projects to support our Seniors

Ontario’s Seniors Community Grant ensures seniors stay safe, healthy and connected


February 1, 2022

Scarborough – Ontario is investing close to $135,000 in five community-based projects in Scarborough North that will enrich the lives of seniors in Scarborough and beyond, recognizing the significant contributions our seniors have made to our province.

The Honourable Raymond Cho, MPP for Scarborough North and Minister for Seniors and Accessibility, was joined by the Milliken Park Seniors Club today at the Milliken Park Community Centre for this funding announcement.

As part of this year’s (2021-2022) province-wide Seniors Community Grant program, six community-based projects in the riding of Scarborough North, will receive a total of $135,000 for their projects, helping Ontario’s seniors to stay fit, active, healthy and in their communities. 

“Our government is proud to invest in local organizations which are well-positioned to meet the needs of seniors in their community,” said Minister Cho. “Seniors Community Grants provide tremendous enjoyment and personal value to older Ontarians.” 

Riding recipients include:

  • Milliken Park Seniors Club – $14,435 – “Handicrafts Learning, Making and Charity Auction”  

This project will promote community involvement and hands-on skills to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The ‘Handicrafts Learning, Making and Charity’ auction targets to benefit 150 seniors, inclusive of current club members and neighborhood community members. Utilizing zoom video conference, the project aims to invite Hongshan Tang to teach handcrafts virtually and then hold a charity auction to sell the pieces and donate to a charity.

  • Yee Hong Centre For Geriatric Care – $20,000 – “StrongerU at Yee Hong”

This project will enable the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care to train and certify 24 staff as StrongerU fitness Instructors and facilitate a minimum of 15 fitness workshops for older adults during the project period, directly benefiting an estimated 150 older adults in the Toronto GTA community by March 31, 2022. Investment in training represents value for money in the short, medium and long term.

  • Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (Active Living Centre for Seniors) – $24,802 – “Building Capacity for Re-engagement”

This project will build the capacity and support network for 1130 older adults with lower social support to reengage with the community safely and positively after the long isolation. This 18 week project will deliver educational topics such as mental health and finances, fraud protection and support activities including social media groups, tips to build and maintain social support system, in-person and virtual to enhance the knowledge, skill, confidence and support network to multi-barriered participants in Toronto.  The project will also deliver 500 “Promising Social Re-entry” tools bags containing information on self-protection, social resources, community participation tips along with PPE, emergency call numbers, and snacks.

  • Frontline Community Centre – $25,000 – “The Undefeated Mind” 

This project will enable the Centre to deliver a series of 40 workshops twice a week in order to strengthen the safety and well being of at-risk older adults to prevent cognitive impairment and dementia. Activities will aim at engaging 400 seniors and creating 10 volunteer opportunities within the South Asian community.

  • Islamic Foundation of Toronto – $25,000 – “Chakra Seniors”

The project will aim to train 45 seniors in yoga and meditation techniques which they will then present to other seniors, as well as youth in the community. Participants who would not otherwise have access to yoga and meditation due to cos